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Welcome to The Gamer

We are a retro gaming store. We specialise in retro gaming and offer games and consoles from the past 4 decades . Although we love to live in the gaming past we realised that we needed to provide you with an upto date website that is user friendly and informative so tada! here it is.. we welcome your ideas so feel free to email us with your suggestions.



We have some amazing consoles in stock at the moment why not pop down and visit us?

We are looking for rarer games at the moment, if you have any duplicates or collections you want rid of we have cash waiting for you. We love all unwanted games and consoles too.

If you are looking for that special game you can contact us in a couple of ways, you can call or email.

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We are looking for a Vectrex System, do you have one you no longer want? Bring it down to us and see what we will offer.

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